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It’s the time of the year to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished in the past year and where were headed in 2019. While new year’s resolutions can be overrated and met with mixed feelings by folks everywhere, it’s really the goal setting principal behind the ordeal that’s appealing. Rather than setting crazy, over the top, or lofty goals we know we won’t keep too, why not consider practical ones that you’ll make an earnest effort to stick with for the entire year? And what better motivation for sticking to resolutions than having it benefit of beauty from within. Here are some resolutions for 2019 to make you feel and look more beautiful than ever.

1. Soften up. While many people associate vulnerability with weakness, there’s actually nothing more beautiful than being vulnerable and being true to your feelings. Authenticity that comes with expressing the way we feel, whether it be joyous or blue, is what makes us human. Letting down our guard and allowing uncertainties into our lives can lead to more enriching relationships and experiences. The reality is that people who see themselves truly worthy of having everything they want in life, believe that vulnerability and feelings are fundamental to living a beautiful life.

2. Love yourself and your body. Practice standing in the mirror everyday, or at the very minimum three times a week, and saying, “I accept my body and I am beautiful just the way I am.” While it’s great to want to better our physical health and having beauty routines that we enjoy, many people will never be happy until they get to their achieved weight or body ideal. But rather than being critical of how you look now, give yourself encouragement and greater inner harmony by embracing who you are, in this moment, on the way to getting where you want to go.

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