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When traveling, every girl knows there’s nothing like stuffy cabin air to make your skin feel dry and congested once you’ve landed at your long awaited destination. Now tack onto that staying at hostels, skimping on showers, running through cities and eating questionable foods. With so much fun and adventure to be had, time is of the essence and given new environments that may not provide your creature comforts, what’s a girl to do to stay looking pretty? Here are a few easy tips on how to stay pretty when you’re having fun and traveling.

1. Pack your best and favorite travel clothes. When you’re traveling and busy jetting from place to place, it’s best to pack light so you’re not slowed down by toting heavy luggage everywhere. It’s always better to pack a few of your favorite items rather than a lot of clothes. By packing only your best and favorite outfits, you’ll instantly feel pretty and confident anywhere you go. Versatility is key, select pieces that you can layer and can be worn to multiple places and occasions. Remember that you can always wash your clothes during your travels and being in your favorite outfits will always make you feel your prettiest.

2. Get your beauty rest. It’s easy to stay up all night, drinking, partying, celebrating and having a great time, just remember that too many late nights without enough sleep will eventually show on your face and skin. Make sure you set at least a couple nights a week to get a full nights rest.

3. Pack your hairdryer. You may not always have the time or even access to your curling iron, so keep a small travel hair dryer with you and opt for hairstyles that will be easy to maintain. For days when hair is simply not cooperating, consider your favorite hat, a ponytail, or sweep it all up in a bun.

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