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Beauty is only skin deep, unless you’re positively and radiantly glowing from within. And with 2019 fast approaching, it’s easy to consider the slate blank as we dive into another hopeful year of goals, plans and yes, resolutions. This new year, consider dropping some of the old ways of thinking about beauty and adopting new ways for truer and deeper inner beauty. Regardless of how society views ideals about what’s considered beautiful, nobody likes a pretty girl with a bad attitude, so with that in mind, here are some great new year’s resolution to make for a newer, better, more beautiful version of you.

1. Never go to sleep angry. Bad or negative emotions can be toxic to our inner health and beauty. Finding physical outlets for your bad feelings such as running, yoga, deep breathing or banging pots will help you let it out. Even if you must cry it out for an hour, it’s better than allowing bad feelings to simmer. But don’t even think about going bed with tear streaked stains, a quick face wash will always be necessary and well worth it. You’ll wake up feeling 10 pounds lighter, in greater emotional equilibrium, and better able to let it go of what was bothering you in the morning.

2. Be sweet. Let’s face it, we live in a not so kind world where we’re often guarded and having to defend ourselves against critics and people who do not have our best interest in mind, but that doesn’t mean we need to be hard hearted, harsh and double minded about our dealings. By remembering your inner child, lighter and more carefree days of youth, and sentimental moments that made you happy, you can actually approach life as a gift with much to appreciate and be happy about. By never forgetting the lovely 5 year old girl you were, you’ll never lose your sweet and unassuming goodness, and the world could definitely use more of that!

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