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Attitude is generally how you see life and whether you’re pleased or not with your own life has much to do with your attitude. While it’s easy to see life as a series of ups and downs, circumstances in which we have little or no control, and events that inspire and delight or irritate and infuriate us, let’s not forget that how we see and respond to these external  influences can also have a powerful affect on how pleased we are with our lives and how happy we can be. Here are some easy ways to practice having a new and better attitude for a new and better year.

1. Be present in the moment. Life is created by moments, not years. And sometimes it’s easy to lose sight and appreciate the moment when we’re focused on the end goal. Being present in the moment and responding authentically to it is called the journey. However, many people are so obsessed with the destination they forget to enjoy the path of getting there. It’s more common that many of the happiest times of our lives can only be experienced in retrospect, but to live and be fully happy in the present moment is rare but easier to obtain than you’d think. It just takes focus and practice in being more present in the moment.

2. Let go. By giving up the illusion that we can control our circumstances and the people around us, we lighten the load of responsibility. By remembering that we’re not responsible for the weather, acts of divinity and all our relatives dietary preferences is just the beginning of learning to go with the flow. Going with the flow can have tremendous power over our attitudes, we no longer get upset when things don’t go perfectly our way, we ease up, soften up, and achieve great balance and harmony in our lives.

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