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Traveling is a great way to take a break, relax and simply get away from it all. And when it comes to beauty, easy breezy is the way to go! With a little bit of pre-travel prepping and pairing down your normal beauty routine, you’ll be able to find a new and workable way to stay pretty when you’re jetting from city to city. Remember that while beauty is important, travel is all about fun and adventure, so it’s worth it to make some small adjustments that will free up your mind and time for fun. Here are some easy tips on how to stay pretty when traveling.

1. Prep before your tip. Since you may not have access to all your normal creature comforts and products, keep in mind that goal of looking healthy and being happy. Schedule a good detoxifying massage before your trip ahead will give you beautiful skin to work with. If it takes you 10 minutes everyday to curl your lashes, consider a semi-permanent eyelash perm before your tip. These easy and simple things will cut down on the time it takes you get ready.

2. Opt for tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Tinted moisturizer is an excellent alternative to foundation and takes less time to apply and with less fuss. Many tinted moisturizers also contain sunblock which makes it even more great for your face when you’re walking around cities and visiting sites in the sun. Tinted moisturizers tend to be less weight than foundation and can give you a light coverage without the heaviness of foundation.

3. Dry shampoo. Traveling can often mean skimping on showers, depending on where you’re going and who you are with. If you find that you’re unable to wash your hair everyday, a great dry shampoo is the perfect solution for soaking up oils in your hair and leave it looking fresh.

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